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    To accomplish an excellent level of academic quality, Radboud University Press ensures that all editorial and peer review procedures are transparent and of high quality.

    Peer Review Policy

    All book and journal content undergo assessment by external peer review. As a minimum requirement all final materials are sent for peer review by appropriate external experts. Peer review comments are forwarded to the author(s) who then addresses any issues and suggestions made.

    The Editorial Board of the Radboud University Press oversees that the review procedures are adhered to for each publication.

    Editorial teams follow the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. All of our journals adhere to the Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers.

    Anti-Plagiarism Checking

    All journal articles and book manuscripts submitted to Radboud University Press are automatically screened for plagiarism. Through such measures editors minimise the risk of publishing plagiarised materials.

    Corrections and Retractions

    In accordance with recommendations from the Committee of Publication Ethics, Radboud University Press has created an official Correction Policy.

    If there is an issue related to one of our publications that you wish to raise with the Radboud University Press regarding a possible correction please contact us at radbouduniversitypress@ru.nl.

    Competing Interests

    Radboud University Press is committed to bias-free research. To ensure that all publications are as transparent as possible, all authors, reviewers, and editors are required to declare any conflict of interests that could appear to compromise or influence the validity of the publication.

    All Radboud University Press publications clearly show information regarding any possible conflict of interest such as funding information or affiliations to particular organizations.

    Advertising Policy

    Radboud University Press does not generate revenue by selling advertising space on its publisher web pages or within publications. Events linked to publications, such as book launches or society conferences, may be discussed in news items or journals’ “about” sections. Use of logos of organisations or bodies that have provided funding to support a publication or the research within are also permitted.